Ken created the score for our award winning film Soufra— the score played such a big role in the success of the film. He was such a pleasure to work with. Creative yet could understand the emotion and texture we were trying to create— really just nailed it time after time. He was amazing. So happy to have him on the team and look forward to our next project.

–  Thomas A. Morgan
Producer / Director, Soufra
Square Zero Films

“When I heard Ken play with his jazz band, I knew he was a talented musician.
When he delivered the first intricately orchestrated cue for my film, I then knew he was a true artist.

Dedicated, hardworking and resilient under pressure, Ken went beyond expectation, composing a most moving and passionate score to support and enhance the delicate emotional journey of Curtain Up – Growing up in Dance.”

– Catherine Hader
Curtain Up – Growing up in Dance

“Ken is a tremendous resource for us here at Elastic Media. His attention to detail and knowledge of the entire production process has proven invaluable time and time again and we’re proud to have him as a member of our team. 

When a new project is on the table, Ken evaluates the needs of every clients’ likes, dislikes and ultimate desires to produce exactly what is called for. Whether it’s a commercial jingle to a fully orchestrated score, every aspect of the music he has created for us over the years has been to our complete satisfaction.”

– Mike Eckart
Creative Director / Producer
Elastic Media

“The best thing about Ken Joseph, besides his musical talent, is his ability to understand storytelling as it relates to his role as a composer. I have worked with many talented composers but none that understood the bigger picture like Ken does. He listens, watches, asks questions and then comes up with a brilliant score that helps the story get told on screen. What else can you ask for?”

– Travis Markstein
The Pitch
Stringbean Productions

“When they say you should never hire a friend, they must never have hired Ken Joseph. Ken is beyond talented and his commitment to the breath of my film was humbling and very much needed. His artistic style and vision easily meshed with the work and raised the production value above what I thought was possible. Ken is a true professional, a true artist, and a true friend to my work and me.”

– James Kruse Director/Producer
Hard the documentary
Keep Rolling Productions

“Ken is an insanely gifted composer and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. His score brought my film to life and made it jump off the screen.” 

– Robert Daniel Phelps
Stick it in Detroit

“With apparent ease, Ken makes your projects more thoughtful, more evocative and more interesting – all while coming in on time and on budget. Basically, he makes you look like a genius.”

– Grady Lee
COO Rockcorps